Learning About Your Chakra

May 18, 2017


I have talked before about chakra. The focal points for types of energy within your body. Each person has a defined set of chakra. Root, sacral, navel/solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. Each chakra defines a type of energy, as found here at Eclectic Energies. 

To find out where your chakra rest, take the Chakra Test. 

Take time to explore your results and read all the information presented to you by Eclectic Energies. The website is a non-profit that runs on donations, so if you get a chance, make a donation so we can keep the website up and running as a great resource. 

Also, after you have taken the chakra test and learned about where your levels are, think about how they affect your physical body. People with under or over-active navel chakra often have gastrointestinal issues that fail to be diagnosed. Those with over-active third eye chakra often suffer migraines while those who are under-active often feel like they live in a fog, suffering from ADD or ADHD. 

If there is want for a more detailed post of chakra interactions, email me or comment at the bottom of the page. 


[A link to the chrakra test at Eclectic Energies can also be found of the resources page.]


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