Speaking to the Goddess

May 26, 2017

"Baby steps. Relax. Take a deep breath. The Goddess is always listening to Her children. Talk to Her as you lay in bed tonight. Ask Her to take away your worry because you want to learn Her ways with a clear mind. She will hear you. Feel Her smile as you talk to Her. You don't need anything to develop a relationship with Her. She is always there. An altar can even be your garden. It is just a way of constant acknowledgement and reminder that the God and Goddess are ever present in your life. They listen to our needs. We are their children. They only want our love and to see us live beautiful lives in their names. Make music, make love, dance and sing, enjoy the nature they cultivate for us, treat others and nature with respect and love. This isn't a religion. Forget about the man-made rules of religion that you grew up with. This is spirituality. This is feeling with your heart and soul. Being an expression of something bigger than yourself."



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