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May 9, 2018

Hey there! Welcome to my website! My name is Cyliciana (sil-ee-cee-ánna). I created this group to act as a resource to people who are Pagan, have an interest in Paganism, or even just want to gain a better understanding of Pagan beliefs. I am always available for questions, discussions, or any other kind of help you need. There are several places across the website where you can contact me. If you would like to know more about me, just visit the page titled "About Me". 


What I teach here is a spirituality, not a religion. We have one rule: "Do as you will, but harm none." I teach an understanding of magic based on science. I do not teach Gardenarian or Alexandrian Wicca. I am not dismissing Wicca. It is simply not what I am connected to. I do not feel comfortable teaching something that I do not personally connect to. What I teach is by no means the whole picture for every person. What I have to share may not resonate with everyone. Everyone is on a journey. We are all at different points on our path. If even one thing I write here sticks with you, I have accomplished what I set out to do. 


For now, this is a part time thing. I work full time in the rat-race. Eventually, I will be opening an online shop to supply pagan and herbal products. Eventually, I would like to grow that online endeavour into a brink-and-mortar store. To do that, I need your support. If there is no interest, there is no motivation. So thank you for the time you spend on this website. I put my energy and time into what is written on these pages. I hope they speak to you.


Love and light,






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